Brian Blyth Daubney Composer & Poet

The Music of Brian Blyth Daubney

Blyth Daubney has written a considerable amount of choral music both 'a cappella' and with organ accompaniment. Much of it is suitable for church use and several extended pieces (Stabat Mater, Requiem and Six Psalms) are ideal for concert performance.

The Requiem, owing much to the tradition of Gabriel Fauré, consists of: Introit - Kyrie - Dies irae - Pie Jesu - Offertorium - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus Dei - Lux aeterna.

As a poet he has written over 150 poems on a variety of themes and in varied styles. His works include several dramatic pieces: Ojimite's Journey, Ko-ai and the Dragon, Prince Dmitri (all 3 stories using free verse, dance and music) The Dance of Life and Ruth works for church performance on Christian themes. His collaborators in some of these include the writer Joan Tooke and the composer Ronald Reah.

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