Brian Blyth Daubney Composer & Poet

About Brian Blyth Daubney

Brian Blyth DaubneyBrian Blyth Daubney was born in 1929 in Bardney, Lincolnshire. He studied at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire and at the University of Leicester. His music professor there was Dr Benjamin Burrows, about whom he wrote his M Phil thesis in 1980.

Brian has been Editor, and later Chairman, of the British Music Society. Until his retirement in 1982 he was Principal Lecturer in Music at the Simon de Montfort University in Leicester. After retirement he was an Examiner for the London College of Music until 1999. Now, fully retired, he devotes his time to writing music and poetry.

Amongst his oeuvre are over 200 'art' songs, mainly for voice and piano. In the annual competition of the English and Poetry Songs Society many of these have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. A collection of thirty of these songs, October Roses is available on BMS CD 433 from various suppliers (see details on the web).

Further information on Brian Blyth Daubney and his works can be found by typing 'Brian Blyth Daubney' into your web browser.

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